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Best Knots 1.1.1 Apk paid

Best Knots Apk paid
NameBest Knots 1.1.1 Apk paid
Updated11 Aug 2017
CategoryApps > Education
Requires Android4.4 and up
Size39 Mb
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Best Knots 1.1.1 Apk paid is a Sports Android app

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Best Knots offers 58 of the top knots for fishing, rescue, climbing and sailing. Complete with short tips for best use, strengths and weaknesses of each.

Based on our popular apps, Fishing Knots, Rescue Knots, Climbing Knots and Sailing Knots, Best Knots brings all of our step-by-step instructions into one handy app for the outdoors. Best Knots has researched each topic area to offer some of the most popular and practical knots for outdoor pursuits. (Including many of our favorites.) 22 of the 58 knots also appear in multiple categories with specific tips and info related to the individual pursuit.

The precisely designed and detailed graphics emphasize key steps and clearly show critical overlapping elements, arrows and other guides to help you tie tricky knots. Follow along with the written steps or rotate your phone to the side for a zoomed view. A glossary is included in each section.

• Best Knots include all of the knots in Fishing Knots, Rescue Knots, Climbing Knots and Sailing Knots:

▸ Bowline *
▸ Butterfly Loop *
▸ Double Bowline *
▸ Double Figure Eight *
▸ Figure Eight Follow-through *
▸ Figure Eight on a Bight *
▸ Inline Figure Eight *
▸ Slipknot

▸ Buntline
▸ Cleat Hitch
▸ Clinch Hitch *
▸ Constrictor Knot
▸ Clove Hitch *
▸ Girth Hitch
▸ Half Hitch
▸ Klemheist Hitch
▸ Load Releasing Hitch
▸ Münter Hitch *
▸ Prusik Hitch *
▸ Rolling Hitch
▸ Round Turn Clean Hitch
▸ Round Turn Two Half Hitch
▸ Tautline Hitch
▸ Tensionless Hitch
▸ Timber Hitch
▸ Trucker's Hitch *

▸ Anchor Bend
▸ Carrick Bend
▸ Double Fisherman's Knot *
▸ Figure Eight Bend *
▸ Sheet Bend *
▸ Square Knot
▸ Water Knot *

▸ Double Overhand *
▸ Figure Eight *
▸ Overhand Knot
▸ Heaving Line

Attach a Fly or Lure
▸ Loop Knot
▸ Clinch Knot *
▸ Improved Clinch Knot
▸ Improved Double Clinch Knot
▸ Palomar Knot
▸ Snell Knot

Tie Two Lines Together
▸ Nail Knot
▸ Surgeon's Knot
▸ Blood Knot
▸ Albright Knot

Tie a Loop in the Line
▸ Perfection Loop
▸ Surgeon's Loop
▸ Dropper Loop

Tie Backing to the Reel
▸ Arbor Knot

Other Useful Knots
▸ Float Stop Knot
▸ Uni Knot

▸ Fireman's Chair
▸ Karash Harness
▸ Triple Bowline

Quick Release
▸ Slipped Buntline
▸ Mooring Hitch

* Knots are offered in multiple sections, often with tips and information specific to the topic area

• SUPPORT: fissionmedia.com

Best Knots Apk

Best Knots Apk

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Best Knots Apk

Best Knots Apk

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