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Amnesia: Memories Premium 1.0.4 Apk Mod + OBB Data

Amnesia: Memories Premium Apk Mod
NameAmnesia: Memories Premium 1.0.4 Apk Mod + OBB Data
Updated08 Apr 2019
CategoryAdventure > Games > HD
Requires Android2.3 and up
DeveloperIdea Factory Co.,Ltd
Google Playcom.gloczus.amnesiasmp_premium2
Size2 MB | 1.3 GB
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Amnesia: Memories Premium Mod Apk

*Notification of content price changesThis announcement is for the download price change for Amnesia Memories Premium.

The content prices for December 2017 will increase to USD 22.99

Thank you for your attention.


It's the first of August.

You wake up without the memories you had before August 1. It's all gone, from your life to the people you were with.

Orion, a young boy from Orion, appears before you and reveals himself as a spirit attached with your mind. You begin to recover your memories under Orion's direction.

Blunt Earnest andlt. Heart andgt.

Shin (VA: Tetsuya Kakihara)

He is your childhood friend, and now your boyfriend. Although he is just 18 years old, he has an extremely serious and cold demeanor which often causes conflict with other people his age. He can appear aloof or indifferent, but he really cares about you and is very caring. He is in his senior year of high school, and is currently studying for the university entrance exam. Toma''s childhood friend.

Spade and Spade: Alluring and Fascinating

Ikki (VA, Kisho Taniyama).

Ikki is a rare condition in which women are drawn to him on sight. He's 22 and he is currently attending a local university. He has given up on real love and now lives the lifestyle of a playboy, enjoying the temporary pleasures that it offers. He becomes close to you once he realizes that his eyes have no influence on how your feelings towards him. Ikki, despite his popularity and looks, is a genuine and kind man. Kent is his friend and he's also a graduate student at the university.

Cool Logical Clover

Kent (VA: Akira Ishida)

Kent, a 25-year old mathematics graduate student, sees the world through purely objective eyes. Kent is usually very self-assured in his convictions as well as in the outcomes of his constant analysis of other people's actions. However, it appears that he struggles to keep the same level of composure around others. He is a challenging companion, especially for females because he tends to analyze every action logically. Ikki is his friend and he competes against him to solve overly complicated math puzzles.

Affectionate and Intense andlt. Diamond andgt.

Toma (VA: Satoshi Hino)

Toma, a law student in his 20s at the same university as you, is Toma. He is your best friend since childhood and has assumed the role as your big brother. Toma is your oldest friend from childhood and keeps an eye out for you. He also takes care of you if you fall on the street outside your apartment. He is so determined to protect your mental health that it can sometimes be unpredictable. Shin is his childhood friend.

The Mysterious and Enigmatic Joker

Ukyo (VA: Kouki Miyata)

Unexpectedly, a strange young man appears. The man appears suddenly and gives mysterious warnings, then disappears without explanation. It is not clear if he intends to harm or protect you.

Friend Protector

Orion (VA Yumi Igarashi).

The spirit of a faraway world. He appears to be a 10 year-old boy. He crashes into your head while attempting to complete a brief task in the real world. In order to achieve your common goal, he supports you.

# Play

The title screen will appear after the first movie. Select "NEW GAME" to play another game. To keep playing your current game, select "CONTINUE." For a different story, select "CHAPTER". After clearing the prologue, four stories will be available.

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