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Algorithms: Explained and Animated 1.4.0 Apk Premium

Algorithms: Explained and Animated Apk Mod
NameAlgorithms: Explained and Animated 1.4.0 Apk Premium
Updated13 Apr 2024
CategoryApps > Education
Requires Android4.0.3 and up
DeveloperMoriteru Ishida
Google Playwiki.algorithm.algorithms
Size41 Mb
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Algorithms: Explained and Animated Mod Apk

This guide to algorithmic learning and trying is fun. Animations help to explain the vast field of algorithmics. Sim Mode allows you to explore concepts and deepen your knowledge. You can also find algorithms that are closer to your home, such as encryption and security. Let's go on a trip into the algorithmic world!==== Topics and Included Topics ====

[ Type ]

Bubble Sort Heap Sort Quicksort ... (6 topics)

[ Clustering ]

Algorithm for k-means

[List Search]

Linear Search Binary Search

[ Graph Search ]

Breadth-First Search Dijkstra's Algorithm A* Algorithm... (5 Topics)

[ Math]

Test of Euclidian Algorithm Primality Test

[ Data compression ]

Run-Length Encoding Huffman Coding

[ Security]

The Public Key Cryptosystem Hash Functions Diffie Hellman Key Exchange Digital Certificates... (11 topics).

[Data Structures]

Listes Stacks Binary Search Trees Lists Stacks

[The Web]



Tower of Hanoi

==== Recommend for... ====

[People in IT and the software industry ]

It doesn't matter if you are creating websites, website management games or developing systems. You will need to have a good understanding of information security and programming.

Algorithms Explained and animated can help you to solidify your fundamental knowledge.

[People who are interested in information technology and programming]

There are many books about programming and internet technology, but the simple illustrations and lengthy explanations can be frustrating and don't help as much. Animations can help you understand complex data structures such as heaps and hash tables, or information security topics such as the digital certificate system and public-key cryptosystem.

[Experienced engineers and programmers ]

Standard methods such as libraries can make it difficult to understand complex concepts. Sometimes, you might find it difficult to explain complex concepts to less experienced colleagues. Algorithms Explained and animated can help you keep your knowledge fresh.

==== Viewing all of the Algorithms ====

The app can be downloaded for free. After purchasing all algorithm, you can view a portion of the topics.

==== On Tablet ====

The app can also be used on a tablet.

==== Supported languages ====

- English

- Espanol (Spanish)

Portugues (Portuguese).

Zhong Wen (Jian Ti Zi) (Chinese, (Simplified).

- Russkii (Russian)

- Ri Ben Yu (Japanese)

- hangugeo (Korean)

Algorithms: Explained and Animated Mod ApkDownload Algorithms: Explained and Animated Mod Apk

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