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Alarmy - Alarm Clock & Sleep Mod Apk 24.12.02 Premium

Alarmy - Alarm Clock & Sleep Apk
NameAlarmy - Alarm Clock & Sleep Mod Apk 24.12.02 Premium
Updated18 Feb 2024
CategoryApps > Productivity
Mod Info Premium
Requires AndroidVaries with device
DeveloperSleep Tracker & Alarm Clock by Delightroom
Google Playdroom.sleepIfUCan
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Table of Contents

Alarmy - Alarm Clock & Sleep Mod Apk Premium: Are you ready to revolutionize your morning and evening routines? Look no further than Alarmy! This innovative app is designed to awaken both your mind and body, setting the tone for a healthier lifestyle.

Alarmy - Alarm Clock

Wake Up Refreshed with Alarmy

Choose Your Ideal Alarm

With Alarmy, you have the flexibility to select from a variety of alarm options, catering to your preferences whether you prefer a gentle wake-up call or a more robust sound. Additionally, customize your alarm with your favorite tunes to start your day on the right note.

Bedtime Reminders and Sleep Enhancement

Never miss your bedtime again with Alarmy's convenient bedtime reminder feature. Create the perfect sleep environment by exploring a range of soothing sleep sounds. Plus, monitor your sleep patterns and snoring habits to optimize your nightly rest.


Free Features

  • Mathematics Mission: Challenge yourself with math problems ranging from simple to complex to ensure you're fully awake.
  • Shake Mission: Shake your phone up to 9999 times to silence the alarm.
  • Photo Mission: Capture a photo of your designated location to dismiss the alarm.
  • QR Code Scanning: Easily turn off the alarm by scanning a pre-registered QR or barcode.
  • Memory Game: Exercise your brain by memorizing colored tiles.
  • Easy Alarm: Set an alarm with minimal settings, ranging from 1 minute to several hours.
  • Sleep Sounds: Drift off peacefully with a selection of calming sounds.
  • Morning Energy Tracker: Monitor your energy levels each morning.
  • Sleep Tracking and Analysis: Gain insights into your sleep quality, including deep sleep percentage and sleep cycle analysis.
  • Snore Detection: Review recorded snoring sounds to evaluate your nighttime breathing patterns.
  • Power-Off Prevention: Prevent accidental shutdowns while the alarm is active (exclusive to Samsung devices).

Alarmy - Alarm Clock

Premium Features

  • Wake-Up Verification: Ensure you're fully awake before disabling the alarm.
  • Motivational Phrases: Stay inspired by inputting motivational quotes or phrases.
  • Step Mission: Turn off the alarm while engaging in a brisk walk.
  • Squat Mission: Complete a set of squats to silence the alarm.
  • Multi-Missions: Activate multiple missions for a more challenging wake-up experience.
  • Extra Loud Alarm: Boost the volume for those who need a more forceful wake-up call.
  • Timer Reminder: Stay informed of the current time while the alarm is active.
  • Label Reminder: Set reminders to appear every minute during alarm activation.

Unlock More with a Free Trial

Embark on a 7-day free trial of Alarmy's premium features to elevate your morning and evening routines.

Permission Requirements

  • Android Window Permission: Necessary for displaying the dismissal screen on Android versions 10 and higher.
  • Optional Permissions: Customize your experience by granting permissions for specific features, such as external storage access, camera usage, location access, and device manager control.
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