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📅 26 Nov 2017

Acidra Tears – Roguelike Dungeon Action RPG – FULL Apk Full is a Role Playing Android game

Download last version Acidra Tears – Roguelike Dungeon Action RPG – FULL Apk Full For Android with direct link

There is also a free version of this game.

Welcome. Here is a new and changing world of adventure.

Explore the dungeon and get the “Tears” on the bottom floor to take down the final boss.
Set the status and skills to deal with the various and unique enemies and traps of the dungeon. Grow your character the strongest.
Strengthen your equipment and give them additional effects to get even more power.
Explore deep into the dungeon with your co-workers.
Build several buildings in the town to expand the town and prepare your adventure.
Raise the level of the town and defeat the stronger enemies that invade and get special rewards.
Build a defensive building in the world outside the town to prepare for invasion.
Please enjoy various game styles depending on skill and race selection.

“Acidra Tears” is a Real-Time, Roguelike, Hack and Slash, Open World Action RPG.

#Story 0. The story about the “Tears Experiment”

The real world we live in is actually a simulated world that is nested about 1000 times.
A person in the first real world created a test world that simulates the progress of his world, and a person in that virtual test world also created a test world of his own world. The virtual virtual virtual world created by repeating such about 1000 times is the world we live in.
If people in our world are awakened and get out of this virtual world, there is also a virtual world. To reach the real world, it is necessary to repeat at least 1000 times to escape from the nested virtual world.

Our world also has a virtual world that we create and watch.
Tears is that.
In this small bead we created galaxies, nebulae, stars, and races, lives, and destiny. And we are applying accelerated time to the virtual world so constructed.
We thought that our existence was real and that our creation was the first test world. But we were also virtual, and we built about 1001 of iterations to build a virtual from virtual.

If 1000 of the outer worlds, like we did in Tears, were to apply the accelerated time to the virtual world within, then the eternity we feel may actually be a moment of moment.
But if we can not reach the end, we may not need to distinguish between reality and reality.
For us, the life of this test world is a reality, and the real world that is out of reach is rather illusion.
If the truth does not affect my finite life in this world, that truth is just philosophy and prophecy.

One thing to watch out for is random numbers.
Generation of random numbers to break all virtual world connections to the real world at once. In other words, it is the immediate end of all the world.
In order to be able to settle down in this false world, we must be alert to the random number given to the “Tears Experiment”.

Acidra Tears – Roguelike Dungeon Action RPG – FULL Apk Full

Acidra Tears – Roguelike Dungeon Action RPG – FULL Apk Full

Whats New:
Improved user interface.

Acidra Tears - Roguelike Dungeon Action RPG - FULL Apk Full
Acidra Tears - Roguelike Dungeon Action RPG - FULL Apk Full
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