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Overlays Floating Automation 4.3 Final Apk Pro Latest | Download Android

Overlays Floating Automation 4.3 Final Apk Pro Latest Version is a Productivity Android app

Download last version Overlays – Float Everywhere Apk Pro For Android with direct link

Overlays is an advanced multitasking/multi window automation tool that floats your widgets everywhere.
Try it, it’ll float your boat!

What are Overlays?
Your widgets, shortcuts and our in-app unique overlays.

Control your Overlays in multiple ways:
1. Application – show your overlays only when a specific application is running.
2. Events – trigger your overlays on event occurrence, for example – automatically float your music player widget when you plug your headset.
3. Home button – long press your Home button to toggle an overlays profile.
4. Shortcuts – add overlays profiles’ shortcuts to your home launcher to spare some room!
5. Sidebar – swipe the left or right side of your screen to reveal our sidebar and toggle your overlays.
6. Always On – If you wish to float an overlay everywhere and all the time, just set it to Always On (tap its row to toggle).
7. Lock screen – show overlays over your Android stock lock screen.

Included in-app Overlays:
Battery, Weather, Clock, Missed calls, Unread messages, Widget shortcut and Dummy (can be used for screen filter, ad blocker, etc).
Overlays Pro: Browser, Camera, Dialer & Contacts, Flashlight and Calculator.

– Long press any overlay, anywhere, to enter edit mode, where you’ll be able to move, delete, re-size and configure the overlay.
– Set a different size and position for each overlay per screen orientation, portrait and landscape.
– Change any overlay’s background color, visibility and other settings.
– Show the overlay only in required orientation

* 9 Events are currently supported – Incoming and Outgoing call, WiFi and Bluetooth state, Device docked, Headset plugged, USB connected, AC plugged and Airplane mode.

Overlays tries to maximise automation and to allow you full control.
In order to do so, some permissions are required.
Please follow the link and read why we need each permission.

Overlays Pro
Ready for more features and want to support further development? Please consider Overlays Pro.

Help and Information
Need help to getting started? Want to share a cool use you found for Overlays? Join our Google+ community at https://plus.google.com/communities/117440369030793059494
– Video Tutorials – http://youtu.be/hbo9Y1HyVl0?list=PLM5qor5-ZTTaiaHGG1tXZyT2BGZbRs3Hj
– https://lioriluz.wordpress.com/

– Chinese – Thanks to NyaChan (nyachan.com)
– Japanese – Thanks to Yudai Kai.
– Overlays is partially translated to Hebrew, Russian, German, French, Italian and Spanish. If you wish to help us, please contact us at liorry@gmail.com .

Overlays - Float Everywhere Apk

Overlays – Float Everywhere Apk

Overlays - Float Everywhere Apk

Overlays – Float Everywhere Apk

Whats New:

* New! Overlays Pro – Sidebar now supports direct application and system shortcuts
* Added launcher shortcut to toggle Sidebar
* Fixed missing close and minimize profile controls on landscape orientation
* Lots of other bugs fixed, hopefully without creating new ones.

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