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Blackies 2.6.18 Apk Mod

26 Dec 2017

Blackies 2.6.18 Apk Mod is a Puzzle Android game

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Beyond the mundanity of our world live tiny, furry creatures called Blackies. They never give up and are always striving to better themselves. They value logical thinking and cleverness above all things.
The Blackies can always find room in their lives for a good puzzle. In a certain sense, the Blackies’ lives are a puzzle. No matter what they might be thinking about, no matter what they might be fantasizing about doing, they always adhere scrupulously to the rules of their game:

Rule #1: jump over thy neighbor
Rule #2: only one Blackie shall remain

And every time they start a game, the Blackies begin recklessly leaping over one another, each hoping to be the one who will remain on the square with the flag.
Solving one puzzle after another, the Blackies develop their logical abilities and enrich their collective intellect. Why do they need to do this? Could they have some kind of plan? It’s still hard to say, but who knows what they might have in mind?

New game mode: Siberian Adventure

Dive into classic match-3 gameplay with cute Blackies. Save them from snow and collect gold and gems! More than 100 levels.

Blackies Apk Mod

Blackies Apk Mod

Blackies Apk Mod

Blackies Apk Mod

Whats New:
Fixed black screen for Green Button game mode
Fixed 492
Now should work on Android Oreo.
More syberian levels.

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